V.K Nyambi Foundation Inc.



You can directly help us make an impact by creating your own fundraising campaigns.

Send funds raised to:
V.K Nyambi Foundation
207 Westhampton pl
Capitol Heights MD 20743


Volunteer and become one of our Goodwill Ambassadors. Take action and be a part of the global child survival movement.

Host An Event

Plan An Event at Home, Work, Restaurant or Other Venue: Pick at date, a location, a fundraising goal and get a bunch of friends to help. Download our logo and information and set up an Evite, Facebook page and make flyers to advertise the event.

Material Donation

We accept donations of some used items in good condition and working order, like clothing, shoes, school supplies, computers, Medical supplies, books and Vitamins etc. Please call the office at 240-882-6450 or 240-882-6478 to arrange a possible donation.