V.K Nyambi Foundation Inc.

A healthier future for everyone, everywhere

We support and empower those in need, particularly orphans and people affected by HIV/AIDS, and we work to reduce food insecurity and health disparities locally and globally.


The V.K. Nyambi Foundation Inc. is a registered nonprofit organization with a 501c status, established in 2005. Its headquarters are located in Capitol Heights, Maryland, U.S.A. Since its inception, the Foundation has operated in various regions in Cameroon (Africa) through its satellite office in Bamenda, Cameroon. The Foundation’s satellite office in Cameroon was established under Law No: 90/053 of 12/19/1990 on freedom of Associations in Cameroon and was officially declared by the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam under declaratory No: 0054/E.29/1111/VOL.8/APPB in 2005. The Foundation’s efforts have helped to improve the lives of many people in Cameroon, and it remains dedicated to its Mission of making a positive difference in the world.




You can directly help us make an impact by creating your own fundraising campaigns.


Volunteer and become one of our Goodwill Ambassadors. Take action and be a part of the global child survival movement.


Plan An Event at Home, Work, Restaurant or Other Venue: Pick at date, a location, a fundraising goal and get a bunch of friends to help.


We accept donations of some used items in good condition and working order, like clothing, shoes, school supplies, computers, Medical supplies, books, and Vitamins, etc.



Everyone deserves an equal chance to live a healthy and fulfilling life. By working together, we can make this a reality.

We aim to revolutionize HIV education and testing outreach by meeting people where they are and empowering them with knowledge about healthy lifestyle choices to ensure optimal health for all. We strive to enhance health equity and eliminate obstacles to care by integrating HIV prevention services and addressing the social determinants of health, regardless of an individual’s HIV status.



We partner with several community organizations to provide free healthcare screening services and educate people about healthy lifestyle choices. 


The HIV Outreach, Prevention, and Education Program by the V.K. Nyambi Foundation aims to reduce the incidence of HIV infection through engagement with the community. This is done through outreach activities, educational workshops, community events, and partnerships with other community organizations. The program offers free HIV Rapid Testing, counseling, PrEP services, and referrals. HIV testing and counseling are crucial components of the program, regardless of status. They serve as an early intervention strategy to reduce primary and secondary HIV infections. Our test counselors use an effective, quick, and easily administered test. Test results are available within minutes and can be given anonymously or confidentially. 


A new program the foundation started to provide to children who aspire to start their own businesses. This entrepreneurship training offers real-world insights that can be put into action. Experts from respective fields shares important lessons learned over starting their own successful businesses.




We hope that you will find a reason to become involved and champion or support one of our many projects and initiatives either by sponsoring a child, providing supplies like vitamins, shoes, clothing or books; making monetary donation and/or volunteering.

    Another empowering edition of knowledge is power. Know your status. We look forward to seeing you all. Free groceries distribution, Free HIV and Hepatitis testing and education, free $20 gifts cards The Hampton Conference Center in collaboration with DSI Hampton Foods The Hampton Conference Center @holymoutaininternational ministry outreach #blessedtoserve #blessedandgrateful #knowledgeispower #NBHAAD #statusneutralapproach #CancelHIV #KnowYourStatus #takecontrolofyourlife #TogetherWeCan #BlackHistoryMonth #communitysupport #CommunityEmpowerment #purposedriven #empoweringlives #EmpoweringCommunities #hiveducation #HIVAwareness #HIVAwareness #KnowYourStatus #SayNoToStigma #communityservice #communityoutreach #hiveducation #healthylifestyle #healthdisparities #HepatitisAwareness #hivprevention #hivaids #HIVtesting #eliminatingdisparity ##healthiswealth #Godisourboss ... See MoreSee Less
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    We cordially invite you to attend the Free Community Health is Wealth Fair, a unique opportunity hosted by the V.K. Nyambi Foundation in partnership with other community organizations. This event is designed to provide you with a range of valuable free healthcare screenings and services, including educational resources on healthy life choices, medical resources, health insurance, screenings for H.I.V., Hepatitis, Vision, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Kidney Disease, Mental Health, Men's Health, and resources on marital counseling, career, and financial planning.The event is scheduled for Sunday, July 21, 2024, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at The Hampton Conference Center. In addition to the health-related services being offered, participants will receive free groceries, giveaways, light refreshments, and entertainment.This event is more than just about health. It's about fostering a sense of community and partnership. It's about coming together to achieve optimal health and wellness. We warmly invite you to be an active part of this community-driven initiative by registering for free on Eventbrite. Together, we can make a difference and improve health outcomes for all.We are seeking sponsorship, partnership, and volunteers. If interested in sponsorship, collaboration, and volunteerism, please send an email to vknyambifoundation10@gmail.com or send an inbox messageThank you, and we look forward to welcoming you to this important event. ... See MoreSee Less
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    2 months ago

    Vincent Kewala Nyambi Foundation
    We are inviting you all to another empowering edition of knowledge is power. Know your status. Please tell someone to tell someone. Free groceries distribution, Free HIV and Hepatitis testing and education, free $20 gifts cards The Hampton Conference Center in collaboration with DSI Hampton Foods The Hampton Conference Center @holymoutaininternational ministry outreach on Tuesday April 30th 2024. #blessedtoserve #blessedandgrateful #knowledgeispower #NBHAAD #statusneutralapproach #CancelHIV #KnowYourStatus #takecontrolofyourlife #TogetherWeCan #BlackHistoryMonth #communitysupport #CommunityEmpowerment #purposedriven #empoweringlives #EmpoweringCommunities #hiveducation #HIVAwareness #HIVAwareness #KnowYourStatus #SayNoToStigma #communityservice #communityoutreach #hiveducation #healthylifestyle #healthdisparities #HepatitisAwareness #hivprevention #hivaids #HIVtesting #eliminatingdisparity ##healthiswealth #Godisourboss ... See MoreSee Less
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