V.K Nyambi Foundation Inc.



The HIV Outreach, Prevention, and Education Program by the V.K. Nyambi Foundation aims to reduce the incidence of HIV infection through engagement with the community. This is done through outreach activities, educational workshops, community events, and partnerships with other community organizations. The program offers free HIV Rapid Testing, counseling, PrEP services, and referrals.

HIV testing and counseling are crucial components of the program, regardless of status. They serve as an early intervention strategy to reduce primary and secondary HIV infections. Our test counselors use an effective, quick, and easily administered test. Test results are available within minutes and can be given anonymously or confidentially. Our testing service is always free, but donations are always welcome.

Today, there are powerful HIV prevention and treatment tools that can keep people healthy and help end the HIV epidemic. A status-neutral approach to HIV-related service delivery can help people maintain their best health possible while also improving outcomes in HIV prevention, diagnosis, care, and treatment. The status-neutral approach focuses on delivering high-quality, culturally affirming health care and services at every engagement, supporting optimal health for people with and without HIV. This approach is critical to reduce the unacceptably high number of annual HIV infections and help close the persistent gaps along the HIV prevention and care continuum, which indicate that not enough people are being engaged or retained in HIV prevention and treatment.

The status-neutral approach emphasizes person-first strategies to diagnose, treat, prevent, and respond to HIV (the Four Ending the HIV Epidemic Pillars). The status-neutral approach addresses issues such as social determinants of health, using status-neutral messaging for HIV prevention and care, and implementing status-neutral programs.