V.K Nyambi Foundation Inc.


Everyone deserves an equal chance to live a healthy and fulfilling life. By working together, we can make this a reality.

We aim to revolutionize HIV education and testing outreach by meeting people where they are and empowering them with knowledge about healthy lifestyle choices to ensure optimal health for all. We strive to enhance health equity and eliminate obstacles to care by integrating HIV prevention services and addressing the social determinants of health, regardless of an individual’s HIV status.


Partnering with the Cameroon Ministry of Health and youth and Sport in the North West Province Bamenda since 2006, the foundation carried out screening for HIV/AIDS for all the orphans. The foundation incorporate specialized learning tools such as Health seminars, conferences and direct education on raising continuous awareness and the dangers presented by HIV/AIDS virus. The emphasizes is on preventive and proactive approaches in maintaining a healthy life style. Our programs also focus on prevention of mother–to–child transmission through testing and treatment of pregnant women. We also teach adolescents and young adults about HIV prevention and educate communities about the harmful stigmas surrounding the disease.

These stigmas, and the discrimination they produce, remain a considerable barrier to testing, treatment and prevention.


This is an international program designed to provide medical care and treatment to the poor. Volunteers provide basic medical check up and perform minor surgeries and also teach important healthy practices such as hand washing, nutrition, dental hygiene and fitness. Our Medical missions teams clinically trained and equipped medical professionals and hospitals to perform procedures previously unavailable to them. As such, it involves a serious commitment from its volunteers to work under difficult and challenging conditions. We need Health Care Professionals in the following fields: Primary Care, Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Nursing, or Personnel, Optometry Rehabilitation, Community Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy; Medical Students, Natural Family Planning and Counseling.

We also need volunteers to serve as translators and anyone who can help with the many non-medical tasks needed at the mission site. We believe in the healing power of art so we need volunteer professional artists, whose primary role is to bring light and joy to patients through artistic endeavor.


A new program the foundation started to provide to children who aspire to start their own business. This entrepreneurship training offers real-world insights that can be put into action. Experts from respective fields shares important lessons learned over starting their own successful businesses. From the early stages of vetting your idea and raising money to hiring the best team and continuing to grow your business, this training offers poignant insights from a real entrepreneurs or experts that can be applied to any business.





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We hope that you will find a reason to become involved and champion or support one of our many projects and initiatives either by sponsoring a child, providing supplies like vitamins, shoes, clothing or books; making monetary donation and/or volunteering.