Our Children

The HIV/AIDS epidemic began over 25 years ago, and the disease continues to wreak havoc upon millions of children around the world. According to UNICEF (2013), Over 2.1 million children are HIV–positive, with more than 370,000 children becoming newly infected with HIV / AIDS each year.
HIV AIDS Orphans.

hiv-orphans-coverThis disease also affects non–infected children and many are left orphaned or grow up in communities overwhelmed by the disease. The V. k Nyambi foundation was founded to improve the living standards of underprivileged children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS positive children, street children, as well as those who are living with infected caregivers. The V. k Nyambi foundation seek to provide a new purpose and meaning to shattered lives by making available educational and vocational training possibilities, either by direct support, sourcing and by developing partnerships. Our programs also focus on prevention of mother–to–child transmission through testing and treatment of pregnant women. We also teach adolescents and young adults about HIV prevention and educate communities about the harmful stigmas surrounding the disease.

These stigmas, and the discrimination they produce, remain a considerable barrier to testing, treatment and prevention.
Our current projects BELOW require your financial or material contribution. Below are gifts you can make that will save lives and provide opportunities to these children.

HIV Test Kit to Prevent Mother-to-Baby Transmission

hiv-aids-drugsHIV AIDS DrugsThis is one of the most important gifts you will ever give. An HIV Test Kit can give a pregnant mother and her baby the best chance at a healthy life.

Almost every minute of every day, a baby is born with HIV, passed on by their mother during pregnancy, labor or delivery. Voluntary HIV testing can drastically reduce this. Once a mother knows her status, she can take medication to reduce the chance of passing the virus onto her baby to less than 1 in 50. And she can receive treatment for herself.

Your essential gift can help more babies be born free from HIV by providing tests for 100 expecting mothers. Item Price: $125.00

Notebooks & Pencils for Eager Students

stationary-itemsPens and Pencils for StudentsIn poverty-stricken communities, the cost of supplies and annual school fees are too great for families to bear. As a result schools are vulnerable to failure as children are faced with this challenge. Education is the path for children to break the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient. Your gift will supply 80 children with notebooks and pencils to help transform their futures. Item Price: $50.00

Shipping to the Field

shipping-chargesShipping TankerOur non-profit organization ships containers of school supplies, gently-used clothing, shoes, non-perishable food items, computers, medical supplies, vitamins, and other basic needs to children in Cameroon and other areas. Your gift can ensure that these children received these supplies quickly wherever they are. Item Price: $250.00

Orphanage Project

Our long term goal is to build an orphanage for orphan and street children who are homeless and have no custodian. Your gift can ensure that these children have a roof over their heads. Please help us achieve this goal by donating towards this project. Item Price: $500.00

Get involve by either Volunteering, making a financial or material donation and/ or become one of our Goodwill Ambassadors. Take action and be a part of the global child survival movement. By getting involve you will be making a difference in the world by saving lives and providing opportunities to these children
“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa


Some of the success stories on how the foundation have been affecting these children’s life are very encouraging, giving us reasons to redouble our efforts

Partnering with the Cameroon Ministry of Health in the North West Province Bamenda in 2006, the foundation carried out screening for HIV/AIDS for all the orphans. It is with great pleasure we announce that all the orphans were tested negative for HIV/AIDS. As a result the foundation incorporated specialized learning tools such as seminars, conferences and direct education on continuous awareness and the dangers presented by HIV/AIDS virus. Our curriculum emphasizes on preventive and proactive approaches in life style.

Last year one of our orphans graduated from high school with the highest distinct result of four advanced level subjects in the General Certificate of Education (GCE A Level). His name is Victor Mbabite Monogo. He now attends the University of Buea.

The foundation also had six children graduate with distinct results in the Ordinary level of Certificate of Education (GCE O Level). THE GRADUATES INCLUDE:

The foundation also had 9 children who have completed training in various trade and vocational studies and now awaits the foundation to buys tools such as sewing machines, carpentry tools etc ..to set up their own shops. Please donate now so we can help these children buy the tools they need to set up their own businesses.