Medical Mission

medical-missionThis is an international program designed to provide medical care and treatment to the poor. Volunteers provide basic medical check up and perform minor surgeries and also teach important healthy practices such as hand washing, nutrition, dental hygiene and fitness. Our Medical missions teams clinically trained and equipped medical professionals and hospitals to perform procedures previously unavailable to them. As such, it involves a serious commitment from its volunteers to work under difficult and challenging conditions. We need Health Care Professionals in the following fields: Primary Care, Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Nursing, or Personnel, Optometry Rehabilitation, Community Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy; Medical Students, Natural Family Planning and Counseling.

We also need volunteers to serve as translators and anyone who can help with the many non-medical tasks needed at the mission site. We believe in the healing power of art so we need volunteer professional artists, whose primary role is to bring light and joy to patients through artistic endeavor.