Mr. & Mrs. Nyambi Honored with Humanitarian Service Award

news-2cWe are please to announced that Mr. & Mrs. Nyambi Co-Founders of the Vincent Kewala Nyambi Foundation was honored by DeeDee Records with a Humanitarian Service Award Oct 2015 for their work with HIV/AIDs Orphans, Street children, Foster children and Battered women. In appreciation Mrs. Nyambi express their gratitude and said “ this will not be possible without the support from donors, team efforts of the foundation members and staff, we are grateful to DeeDee Records for such a recognition but all glory truly belongs to God, we are just a vehicle of luminosity”.

Mr and Mrs Nyambi Honored

African Mirror Newspaper honored Mr and Mrs Nyambi with the prestigious Couple Award for Community Service during the Couples Ball and Award powered by CEO Mr Niyi Adebayo which took place Sunday November 1st2015 at the prestigious Hampton Conference Center.

V.K.Nyambi Foundation Recently Added 18 new Orphans Under their Care

The Vincent Kewala Nyambi Foundation, a non-profit organization centered on rehabilitation of orphans, children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and other demobilized street children in society, is soliciting sponsorship for the up keep of the orphans in its care. By the sponsorship aid, they are provided with an opportunity to have health care, shelter, clothing, food and education, including seminars and training for the care givers.

Amongst orphans of whom it seeks sponsors’ donations are Aishatu Hamidu, 9, Ali Ibrahim, 11, Blessing Neh, 5, Blessing Ngebi, 8, Emmanuel Nfongoh, 10, as well as thirteen others aged between six and fourteen years old. Founded ten years ago, the foundation has an objective of giving every child an opportunity to have a future to look forward to.


The foundation works with extension assistants and volunteers, who in collaboration with the Department of Youth and Social Affairs in Bamenda Cameroon, reach out to respective villages in Cameroon in identifying orphans. Recently, a United States Peace Corps volunteer resident in Bamenda-Cameroon has been assisting in prospecting and profiling of the orphans. Community leaders as well as villagers aware of its work visit to report cases of deprived orphans.

Over the years, it has seen nine of its orphans graduate from varied vocational training programmes; with four currently studying for a university degree, and many more in high and middle schools.

Marcelline Nyambi, co-founder, says the foundation buys books/training equipment, pays school fees for those undergoing vocational training like tailoring, carpentry and building construction, etc. And has partnership with small business owners who take on some of the orphans as apprentice(s) at no training fee, while it supplies the necessary training needs.

Mongo Mbamit Victor, an upper-sixth student said he did join the foundation in 2009 because he is an orphan. ”I never had the means to go to school, and I could not sponsor myself. I had lost hope, but now, it’s coming back because of the assistance from the foundation. They pay my fees in school, buy me books, and provide uniform for me. I just passed my final exams, and I know it’s a sign of a greater future.” Sirri Caroline, a seamstress, says it saw her through vocational skill training in fashion design, and she’s since become empowered.

The donations are also ploughed into medical care for these kids notes Marcelline Nyambi , ”Generally consultations and checkup with Government hospitals are not expensive for children but we pay for all medications and lab examinations, sometimes subsidizing and giving meals to the families who give care to these orphans.

Though partnership with organizations as NASCENT Solution, it secures high protein food supplements from the USAID which it distributes to the orphans.

The foundation encourages research in science by offering awards under Dr. Robert Gallo Award for Academic Excellence in Science to the best students in the General Certificate of Education. Launched in December 2014, each award is to be accompanied by a certificate and a $1000 cash price; the first of its kind would be given this year during its tenth anniversary celebrations in December.