Sir Bernard Fonlon Jr.

sir-BernanrdSir Bernard Fonlon Jr. Community Leadership Award recipient 2015.

The Vincent Kewala Nyambi Foundation is proud to present to Sir Bernard Fonlon Jr a Community Leadership Award. Sir Bernard Fonlon Jr., or “Gwei” as he is affectionately known (based on the title bestowed on him by HRM the paramount Fon of Nso), is an entrepreneur, community leader, public speaker, fundraiser and radio personality. Born and raised in Cameroon, he has been an active member of the Cameroonian community in the Washington D.C. area for over twenty-years as president of BFU, founding member and the (Ntumfon) spokesman for the USNW FONS Council. Member ACCDF/Pan African Festival and black history month. He also serves as the Cameroonian community volunteer public relations officer and liason to the Cameroon Embassy and has been instrumental in helping improve the relations between the community and the embassy. Over the years, Gwei has also dedicated time to the greater African community by serving as the host first for the Cameroonian National day and the Cameroonian youth day celebrations and MC of several Miss Africa USA, Miss Cameroon pageants and the recent African Day Diplomatic Celebrations. However, his greatest impact has been in helping non-profit organizations in their fund raising efforts. As the primary fundraiser for most of these foundations, he has been able to help raise over Two and a half million dollars in the last several years to fuster philanthropic and rural development projects in the sectors of education, renewable energy and portable water in Cameroon. Gwei is a passionate patriotic and culturalist who has helped in promoting the rich cultures of Cameroon, as a ranking cultural titleholder, he has worked tirelessly in helping the Fons and the Ambassador in the the naming ceremonies of Afrcan Americans who have traced their DNA to Cameroon. 
Gwei is also the CEO of SBK Logistics LLC, with an IT and telecom background. President of Dreamline Ventures LLC and Board member of GAFED International Inc and Cameroon Vibes Radio/Tv personality. Currently serves as foreign representative of friends of Cameroon University Institute of the Diocese of Buea. (Entrepreneurial Catholic college) working with a solid team under the Vicar of the Diocese of Buea, seeking partnership opportunities to enhance and fund CIUDB with American Universities.