Mr. Jean Claude Monayong

Mr. Jean Claude Monayong, Empowerment Award recipient during The V.K. Nyambi Foundation Fundraising Gala and Award Recognition 0ct 2nd 2010 @ The Hampton Conference Center.

Jean Claude (JC) Monayong was born and raised in the southern province of Cameroon. Popularly called JC by his friends, he migrated to the United States at the age of 25 after a brief stint as the principal IT Engineer of INTELCAM Cameroon. What is amazingly distinctive about his professional background is that JC is self-taught IT expert.

This proactive attitude has seen him successfully and successively work as a Programmer, System Administrator, Technical Lead DBA, Senior DBA Architect, Senior Solutions Architect, Senior System Analyst, Senior System Architect, Director of Information Systems and Director of Production Services. He has been employed by such great companies as the Franklin Mint, the State Department, MCI, Verizon, AOL, Nortel, Sprint, and IBM, to name a few which have resulted in over 25 years of IT experience. A selfless individual by nature, JC was ready to give back as much as he could to the community.

During the nineties, Mr. Monayong started teaching and training ethnic minorities in Information System (IT) within the Washington Metropolitan area. He did not only offer pro bono teaching services to hundreds of Africans, he also inspired thousands more to follow their dreams and believe in their own strength. He is the reason, inspiration, and force behind myriads of success stories in our community.

There are hundreds of Database administrators, network engineers and system analyst in our community today because Mr. Jean Claude Monayong made time on weekends and after working hours to teach those who could not afford the required tuition. Selfless with his time, self and money, JC would rent auditoriums to accommodate the crowd that followed him.