Jack B. Johnson

jack-johnson-thmbHonorable Jack B. Johnson, recipient of the Humanitarian Award during The V.K. Nyambi Foundation Fundraising Gala and Award Recognition 0ct 2nd 2010 at The Hampton Conference Center.

Jack B. Johnson is the sixth County Executive of Prince George’s County, now the second wealthiest county in the state of Maryland.
Since taking office in 2002, County Executive Jack B. Johnson has made history in Prince George’s County- increasing the county’s budget by more than $1 billion; fully funding the public schools for the first time in 20 years, rebuilding the crime-fighting infrastructure of police department; and stabilizing the management and operations of the Prince George’s hospital Center.

Under the Johnson administration, the county received an improved bond rating from Wall Street for three consecutive years, giving the county its highest bond rating ever. County Executive Jack B. Johnson rejuvenated the stalled National Harbor Project, a $2 billion, 300 acre mixed-use development project that creates more than 3,000 jobs in the County- a project that will make Prince George’s County the gateway to Maryland.

Mr. Johnson has 19years of professional experience in public service, having served as County Executive, State’s Attorney and Deputy State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County, Maryland. He was a former professor of taxation at North Carolina Central University School of Law and a former Attorney in the office of the Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service.

A native of North Carolina, Mr. Johnson earned a degree in Business Administration from Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina and a Juris Doctor degree from Howard University School of Law in Washington D.C. An accomplished and dedicated leader in the community, he has received numerous honors and awards, in the NAACP’s “Presidential Award” and the Amy’s “Patriot Award.’ Most recently, he was named “Man of the Year for Community Service” by the Washington Annual Conference of the second Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He has been a strong advocate for the voiceless especially children. Before assuming the leadership role as chief executive for almighty Prices George’s county, Americans of African descent were seen, respected but not heard. After a year in power, Africans were not only heard but were voices of influence in the corridors of power in Prices George’s County. Prices George’s County is the first and only county in the United State with an African Trade Office. Mr. Johnson during his term has visited more than four African countries with his most recent being Cameroon. He led a delegation of business men from Prices George’s county to the countries visited. He is also an unofficial counselor of the V.K. Nyambi Foundation.

Mr. Johnson resides in Mitchellville with his wife Leslie. They are proud parents of three successful adult children.