Dr. George Awah

georges-awah-thmbDr. Georges Awah, , recipient of the Philanthropic Award during The V.K. Nyambi Foundation Fundraising Gala and Award Recognition 0ct 2nd 2010 at The Hampton Conference Center

Dr. George Awah migrated from the Republic of Cameroon to the United States in 1981. Before becoming a medical doctor from the University of South Dakota, Dr. George Awah already help a PhD in Pharmacology from the same university.

Dr. George Awah has used his profession and abilities to exemplify the meaning of a Good Samaritan. In this era where health care has become commercialized, Dr. Awah still presents a true sense of a typical community doctor.

Dr. Awah has been known for conducting house calls especially to African immigrant parents. He performs free consultations, diagnoses and provides treatments for free to hundreds of individuals in our community without medical insurance. Furthermore he has also been a mentor to several young medical doctors.

His generosity extends even outside his profession. He has been known to undertake the financial hardhips of children who are unable to pay their school fees. He has adopted his sister’s Alma Mata Our Lady of Lourdes College, Mankon, in financially supporting their water projects. He is also a patron of the Cameroon Catholic Congregation in the Washington Metro area. Dr. George Awah believes we all have to develop a sense of local community participation. The recent health care debate has generated in him the need for brain gain; that is why he is constructing a medical center in Bamenda. He has made it a commitment to travel regularly to his beloved Cameroon in order to offer free consultations to the people. No wonder he has been adopted and crown with a “Red feather” by His Royal Highness the Fon Agwafor of Mankon Bamenda.

Dr. George Awah is considered one of the most generous people within our community and surrounding communities. He has supported countless nonprofit and charitable organizations within and out of the United States. He aspires to work with other African communities. He also serves as a role model to many of our youths and young adults within our community and as a result has received many awards from several other organizations.